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Hypothyroidism------ Heart palpitations, cardiac arrhythmia, chronic fatigue & female system

2 years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a low thyroid disorder. It was no wonder that I was feeling tired, fatigued and down, I had heart palpitations. cardiac arrhythmia, dehydration, heavy breathing and chronic fatigue syndrome …... My condition affected my work and it made me put off work. I could not do many things with friends because I would always be tired.

I went to the medical doctors and they prescribed drugs and medications. I was on beta-blockers and thyroid medications for a year . As a result, the drugs made my condition worse and I had bad side effects, dizziness and I could not function. I needed to try something that would not make me sick.

 I looked through the web and found the Dr. Chen website .I came to YinYang Medicine Center, I have always searched for natural medicine but needed the right doctor ,I was hoping to get treatment so my thyroid would be normal and I would not have heart palpitations, I was impressed getting acupuncture treatments and taking herbal medicine.

 After a couple of weeks of treatment, I felt much better and my heart was not pounding too much. Before taking herbal medicine, I had lots of heart palpitations, Now my thyroid levels are normal and I have more energy. I don’t get sleepy while working in my office, and I can stay up longer and handle more work and more activities.

 Dr. Chen is a great very friendly. I am very thankful and pleased with the results. My family and friends are happy for me as well and they are surprised,

 I encourage others to believe and try acupuncture and herbs because they heal. Not cover, the symptoms. And without the side effects of drug medications . I would refer other and hope they would receive the same or better results than me, I am now a strong believer of acupuncture and herbs

Julia Lake Forest, May 28, 2009


My husband and I had tried to have children for 5 years. We had gone through 6 artificial inseminations and one in vitro without success ,I heard acupuncture would help us if not to  conceive at least to relax.

 Desperate I looked through the web and God pointed me to Dr. Chen website , which I liked because it was friendly . It mentioned exactly my problem and best of it. it had Christian values.

We made an appointment and when we saw Dr.Chen there were two things that helped me healing, she reassured me by telling me I should not worry about my age that I still had a few years for having a baby and the second and most important he said " We will do our part ( healing your body) but God has the final word".

My husband and I started our therapy together and every time we came out relaxed and refreshed. The Dr. changed some of my eating habits and through that I realized that I had an eating disorder, she also advised me not to do so much exercise. All those things combined with the herbs and some other directions given to us made me conceive in a matter of two months.I want to thanks Dr. Chen for all her help, advise, friendship and prayers. 


Since Sep. 2007,I have suffered from fibromyalgia, The pain was continuous in my joints, I had a hard time sleeping , and I was lethargic and tired. I thoughts that I was going to have it all my life and that made me depressed. I was too tired to go out with friends. Too depressed to do anything, and was in too much pain to do much. I also had irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ) , I was very inactive and was in bed all the time.

From Sep. 2005 to June 2007, I tried every type of treatment, I had MRIs and EKGs done. I had chiropractic treatments and physical therapy, I saw a Pain specialist, and I was put one heavy pain medications and epidurals, I was on Tylenol, Fentinal Patches, Methodon, Lonopin, and Prozac, Thery tried everything to dull the pain, but the results were not long lasting.

In June 2007 , I came to the YinYang Medicine Center after researching about acupuncture to relieve the pain. I came here as the last resort, and I decided to try it because I found out someone else with the same condition was treated here, My mom was supportive and wanted me to try anything that would work.

I started feeling better after the 2nd treatment- the majority of the pain was gone, I am not lethargic anymore and I have a lot more energy to go out with family and friends, I sleep a lot better and my periods are more regular. As a result of the treatments, I have no pain and I don’t take any more drug medications !!!!!! Imy energy is a lot better.

I encourage others to try YinYang Medicine and if you are run out of options, why not ? I am glad that I ‘m healthy now.


B.L Anahiem, California

Oct. 2007